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princess ponyo by dourdan
princess ponyo
my goal was to make "disney princess" version of ponyo.
for the back ground i wanted to pay tribute to my favorite scene of the mlvie; when she makes her escape (from her father's lab) with the help of her sisters (who either call upon or turn in to giant fish.)

the ocean becomes dark blue and terrifing but it's all fuled by the energy of one little girl's determination (which is evedent when the scene cuts to her running along the top of the insane waves.)

and....what i was going for with the wave animals; dolphin, porpise, salmon, tuna, blowfish, eel and a killer whale at the bottom... coem came out more readble then others.

as always made in ms paint
Say your prayers by dourdan
Say your prayers
All you sinners stand up, sing hallelujah
Show praise with your body
Stand up, sing hallelujah (hallelujah!)
And if you can't stop shaking, lean back
Let it move right through ya (hallelujah!)
Say your prayers
Say your prayers
Say your prayers

-Hallelujah by panic at the disco

Silent hill 4 the room is not a good game (by that i meean- not one I am any good at), but it is am amazing story.
It was also the first game to not take place in Silent Hill.

the title is for the song i have been blasting on repeat every chance i had to work on stuff; energizing and invigorating. 

i wanted to go for a 'trash polka' inspired style; messy and random but still making a little bit of sense. 

As for the game this is how I remember it---
Henry- moves in to an apartment in Ashfield which is "haunted/cursed" because it was the birth place of -

Walter- abandoned as a baby he was sent to an orphanage run by the Silent Hill cult and after a childhood of abuse he was living on the streets by age 16. He had the idea to resurrect the soul of his mother by killing 21 people who seemed to represent 21 aspects of humanity.

When he was captured he committed suicide, making himself the 11th victim and allowing his spree to continue by using the dream world/reality. His ghost is seen as both a child and an adult; much like Alyssa (of the main Silent Hill series) his soul had split in to a "good half" and "evil half".

Elieen- Henry's neighbor. As a little girl she saw the teenage homeless Walter and although she had no money and her mom was dragging her away- she felt sad for him. She gave him her doll.

That one act of kindness gave her a fighting chance, as the child walter wanted to save her, and the adult Walter wanted to save her for last as the "mother" sacrifice.

(unless I'm  not remembering that correctly....)

I did not include all the minor characters, just the 2  that I really like-

Cynthia-a flirty Latina who once (as a middle school aged girl) spoke to homeless teenage Walter. As her friends call him creepy, she said "but he's kinda handsome" before leaving. 

In the dream word she meets Henry in the same subway where she "snubbed" Walter, and gets killed when she gets pulled in to an abandoned office. Later in the game she comes back as a ghost with long hair (like the ones seen in typical Japanese horror.)

Jasper- a mid 20's supernatural enthusiast investigating the orphanage- he gets burned to death. it's very "human torch" looking (i thought i could do it better.)

birdie hug
puffin rock is such a cute show! and octonauts is such a cute show! so why not make a pic of the water birds of both

when I'm gone by dourdan
when I'm gone
"You're gonna miss me by my walk
You're gonna miss me by my talk, oh
You're gonna miss me when I'm gone"

red vs blue season 13 end.

the digital AI unit Epsilon was a copy of Agent Carolina's father's mind.

yes her father went insane due to the death of her mother (just my opinion) creating the freelancers; a team where rank was more important then teamwork; where she saw her closest friends die or go insane.

But Epsilon was the last remains of her previous life; he was her best friend and the only person she confided in.

so in the last episode when he left with out saying goodbye to her (I really hope he's not really deleted/dead); it was emotional to say the least.

Inspired by the "less the useful" General Doyle who essentially said he felt peace in dying knowing that the people he cared about would be able to carry on/succeed with out him. Epsilon/church felt the main characters would do better with out him, but in his final quote was unsure of the outcome.

"There's so many stories where some brave hero decides to give their life to save the day, and because of their sacrifice the good guys win, the survivors all cheer, and everybody lives happily ever after. But the hero... never gets to see that ending. ...They’ll never know if their sacrifice actually made a difference. They’ll never know if the day was really saved. In the end, they just have to have faith.

but in my opinion he was a more valuable member of the team then General Doyle  and did not need to go away. Yes Carolina gave the AI implant to Tucker and the new meta inspired suit did not have a place for an AI unit. BUT he could have gone in to the suit of ANY OTHER MEMBER OF THE TEAM.

rant over-

Can't wait for season 14.
baby beel and a bb8
a quick little gif i felt the need to make. 
the baby from the show 'beezelbub' is called baby beel but when other characters say it out loud it sounds like baby bee (to me at least.)

and seeing the bb8 pics all over the internet made me want to put the 2 together.



United States
Unpredictably inspired by tv, movies, comics, and games.

Current Residence: san francisco



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