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DOA blend/redesign by dourdan
DOA blend/redesign
i wanted to do a doa blend.but mainly i wanted to draw a version of brad wong that looked "battle scarred".

the brad wong character always seemed odd; a drunk with grey hair (with a liquor bottle attached to his back) but his age is listed as being mid 30's. 
in earlier versions he dresses like he came from a nightclub, but in later versions he looks more rural (like he had to go in to hiding).
how did that happen? 

anyway, to contrast the rather "mortalkombat"looking face i gave him, i wanted to add something pretty. so i attempted to add Hitomi (the german martial arts student) and Kokoro (the geisha) as part of a sun-wind-night blend.
your dad's kinda hot by dourdan
your dad's kinda hot
cassie- "dont speak to me -ever."

jacqui-"i just said your dad's kinda hot"

cassie- "stop it!"

that was the greatest MKX intro dialouge in the histiry
of intro dialogues.

i have a few idea for a sexy fan fic but nothing that
flows well enough to actually write.

i think it's because i always saw Johnny Cage as the "hero". he's not sexy, he's sweet and funny and kind.(which is why it's so cute that he's a husband and father.)

so although the intro quotes being to mind images of rated M fanfics- thnk this is as sexy as i can go when it comes to Johnny cage (with soemone other then sonya).

(face is inspired by Daniel bernhardt of MK Conquest.)

made in ms paint
ferra torr kirby by dourdan
ferra torr kirby
this is a quickie inspired by a debate i was having--

with all of the Kirby as (mortal kombat, street fighter, etc) i asked :icondragonfire53511:

what would happen if kirby ate MKX's Ferra/Torr?

he's view was- since in the game ferra jumps off of Torr when Torr is about to die- she would probably jump off Torr, allow him to be eaten, (then maybe form a partner ship with Kirby.)

but i think it would be more like this.
Thinking out loud by dourdan
Thinking out loud
"beause honey your soul could never grow old,
it's evergreen
And, baby, your smile's forever in my mind and memory
I'm thinking 'bout how people fall in love
in mysterious ways
Maybe it's all part of a plan"

Thinking Out Loud' by Ed Sheeran

a cover image for my red vs blue story.

bacially what happened between when Agent York left the Freelancers and when he died.

(i may have taken liberty with how many years that would be.)…

his love interest, Agent Carolina is more of a ghost here because he died thinking she didn't survive getting shoved off a cliff.

much like the song 'thing out loud' the story is mental ramblings with alot of original characters (because it's seriously fun to image what the other agents named after states would be like.)


United States
Unpredictably inspired by tv, movies, comics, and games.

Current Residence: san francisco



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