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Darren Shahlavi tribute by dourdan
Darren Shahlavi tribute
on jan 14th the amazingly talented Darren Shahlavi died at the age of 42.

Darren Shahlavi played Kano in the mortal kombat web series.

this is kind of a redo of the pic i made when i first saw him as Kano.…

persian-english, with Hong Kong martial arts stunt traing- he revolitionized the character.

video game kano- normal assassin/ american mafia character.
movie kano- trevor goddard was a sexy, aussie Kano
Darren Shahlavi kano, was a bond villain Kano who was cleaver, smart and funny.

he deserved so much more.

may he rest in peace.
a Kotal Kahn design by dourdan
a Kotal Kahn design
my husband downloaded the series "the librarians" (heroes who fight supernatual creatures? not sure i never watched it.) but a long time fav of mine, Tyler Mane (sabertooth of X-men) was on an episode as the Minotaur.

so he asked "do you want me to get you screencaps for a project?"

even though i had no idea what i would make. then it came to me;make a sexy, "realistic" Kotal Kahn of MKX

tyler mane librarians minotaur Kotal Kahn mkx mortal kombat sexy drama fashion

(this was another spur of the moment ideas.)
rose vs m.bison ying yang by dourdan
rose vs m.bison ying yang
a quickie idea between work and my other projects.

it seemed like a good idea at the time. inspired by these 2 pics…  (wher i added more nudity)

and… (where i totally changed the pose because i suck at drawing hands.)

i had 2 ideas that i wanted to combine in to one. hence a surreal ying-yang of sorts.

as always made in ms paint :)
alpha saphire team by dourdan
alpha saphire team
in honor of what has been stealing all my time as of late- 
This is not necessarily my battle team (I only ever battle with 4 pokemon, keeping 2 spaces open to level up babies.)
main team-

1-shiny metagross- started out as the shiny beldom, the day one download present. In the origional sapphire my metagross was my star, so it's felt fitting that this glittery new one is here in it's honor.

2-ludicolo- my first water type was a little lotad.I vowed to keep it as my main water type for the entirety of the game. plus it's so funny and cute.

3-blaziken- my starter. choosing the fire type always seems like the easy way out (since the first few towns are all grass pokemnon) but i love the look of torchic and i love the look of blaziken. (no comment on the awkward chicken in between.)

4-rayquaza- my main flying pokemon. I had other flyting pokemon, but after getting rayquaza i decided to keep him around. it is now level 100.

others who just make me happy-

5-audino- the mega audino image leak was one of the main reasons i bought aplha was sooooo pretty! it was one of my goals to get an audio by any means necessary then search all the sites to locate how to get a audinoite stone. (but I am yet to win the master rank contest with her.)

6-ditto-OMG despite what various sites say, the ditto island is random. BUT if you connect to the internet that counts as 20-25 steetpasses, opening a new island. so long story short, when i finally got the ditto island i was so very happy.


United States
Unpredictably inspired by tv, movies, comics, and games.

Current Residence: san francisco

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