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The healing process by dourdan
The healing process…

if you don't want to read it the summery is--
-this is how they can bring back Kabal:

when Quan chi died all the remenents are free to do that ever they want (including Liu Kang trying to take his throne.)

But if Kabal choose to leave and made his way to Sonya......

not as good as my cassie cage story but i think i got my idea across. :)
Tremor angel by dourdan
Tremor angel
i was so close to calling this 'clown pants dirt ninja' after…

that always makes me smile.

i know little to nothing about tremor other then the fact he is a black dragon member and was in the little known, non fighting game, 'Special Forces'.

But his current state in mkx is intresting; he's from/lived in the dream realm. (Is this the same realm that mk almuni Freddy Kruger came from?)…

he is the one who got the device that allowed Kano to steal the amulet and send raiden to every possible realm, to turn it off.
(at least according to spoilers since he is not in the game as of this post.)

interesting.... (and i have the kombat pack so I'm getting him regardless....)
Ferra/torr portrait by dourdan
Ferra/torr portrait
I am not very good at fighting games, so i need that one character with easy combos i can pull off with my eyes closed.

In MK9 that was Kabal (which is why i miss him so much) but in mkx it's ferra/torr. My issue is (not sure if it's my controller or my lack of skill) but moves that are 'down- forward/or back- button' always seem to end up as 'down-button' or 'forward/back-button'.

For most of the characters that is an issue, because missing an arrow key will result in an upper cut or nothing at all (the character scoots like he/she's trying to get to the bathroom in a crowded theater.)

but ferra/torr is so user friendly. I have the fatalities committed to memory, and have even manged to pull off a brutality (when I'm not trying to- but it has happened 5 times!)

And little Ferra is voiced by Tara Strong who is a legend among voice actors. (see imdb page- she had been in everythng.)

I would really love if Ferra/Torr could get some costumes..... kind of sick of the same 6 characters getting all the new costumes.

I have money;  I am willing to pay for a pack with Ferra/torr. Maybe a circus/freakshow pack? (i can dream...)

So much love for ferra/torr
ghost (a red vs blue blend) by dourdan
ghost (a red vs blue blend)
"I keep going to the river to pray
'Cause I need something that can wash all the pain
And at most I'm sleeping all these demons away
But your ghost, the ghost of you
It keeps me awake"

ghost by ella henderson

the nigth shift spervisor asked if i had netflix and what i watche dion netflix. I have spent hundreads of hour son nerflix but could not remeber a single title. "daredevil, maybe food network stuff...?"

He said "Have you watched Red vs blue?"

I had never heard of it but i would look it up. and now I'm a fan.

caution- mega spoilers.

Season 1-5 are the silly, fun seasons (all 13 seaons are connected so there is no way to jump on without starting from 1.) This is the arc where you get to know the humor style. It appears to just be about 2 teams playing capture the flag (forever) but then "end of the world"- things happen.

Seasons 6–8 (The Recollection)
this arc introduces the more deep characters; project freelancer- all of whom have state names/call signs. they are the real/non comic relief characters who tell they story of a hidden project where "the project director" made a copy of his consciousness in to a computer, then broke it up on to pieces, one of which was the memory of his wife that became an artificial soul that had a consciousness and reality all her own.

and more importantly, a main character who was thought to have died by "team kill" (and kept around as and angry ghost/angel) was actually the main copy of the director's mind.

Seasons 9 & 10 (Project Freelancer)
by far the best, and the inspiration for making this pic; the history of the director and his freelancer team.

As i said, the memory of his wife became an artificial soul that he put in the body of Agent Texas; the most powerful of all the freelancers. But another member of the team was Agent Carolina, who was his actual daughter.

Carolina was in constant conflict with Texas, seeing her as a rival (because there was an actual posted leader board in headquarters) and not a teammate (she would not follow her lead even if Texas had the more logical/correct plan.)

Did she know all along that Texas was the fake/artificially created copy of her mother?

it brings about questions of life, death, soul, humanity and memory. Do humans live on as spirits or do we only live on with in the minds of those who love us (or both.)

This was the most powerful of the seasons because so many died over trivial things but each one had a death that felt like a real fleshed out character, as opposed to a video game sprite.

Seasons 11–13(current) (Chorus Trilogy)
after the destruction of the freelancer project, the main cast crash lands on a planet in the middle of a civil war. they learn that the war is a profit making ploy by con men. the cons escape and the and the main characters get to run the now united armies of the planet.

season 13 continues on the official red vs blue site. and it is awesome.
a wild heart- a cassie cage story by dourdan
a wild heart- a cassie cage story
she needs a wild heart, i got a wild heart "- wild heart by the vamps.

based on my story…

if you don't want to read it- long story short; Cassie falls for Kabal (who lives in the sewers with Kira running a underground homleess shelter). but in order to save him she must give herself to Kano.

I was originally going to do just Kano and Cassie but as i finished the story I wanted to find a way to put Kabal and Kira.

so what i was going for was a "fractured memories"/collage kind of effect. (if that )


United States
Unpredictably inspired by tv, movies, comics, and games.

Current Residence: san francisco



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