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netflix and chill? by dourdan
netflix and chill?
ever since i learned that true meaning behind the phrase "netflix and chill"…

i wanted to make a pic of a character saying netflix and chill.
Johhny cage from mk? maybe
York from rvb- totally!

inspired by this pose…

not sure what i was going for with the background.
but i do like Carolina's expression, like she's trying to decide if she wants to take him up on his offer or punch him in the stomach.
:D (Big Grin) 
rise up by dourdan
rise up
once upon a time i was actively trying to impress people in DA i was in a group with weekly contests and "collections" (meaning you get to be in the winners circle not matter what). then one day the group owner said "many members" though my MS paint art was creepy, so he said i should either change my program of choice or sit our any future contests/collections.

this DeeJay pic came from that time.…

when i asked my husband whhat i shoudl redo he suggeted that DJ and this Vega… (the first time I was happy with a project.)

So i did a combo of both. this new Gary Dourdan inspired DeeJay is for me. free, beautiful, passionate (hopefully not looking like he is being burned as a witch....)

as usual made in ms paint
R.Mika redesign by dourdan
R.Mika redesign
nailed it? or not. I'm not even sure anymore. All I know is Street Fighter's R.Mika looks visually unappealing/ugly (in my opinion). A Lot of people say she looks like a 80's roller skater. 

Clearly, as shown by her tag team partner's costume-…
they know how to dress a pro-wrestler, they just choose to make R.Mika look ridiculous with her pigtails and weird cuts outs, and a mask that looks homemade.

again, I'm not sure I did any better but my goal was to make a more elegant R. Mika costume. :P
maskless Tremor by dourdan
maskless Tremor
my previous tremor pic was created before the official character launch; before the 'mask less' option. 

i wanted to try my hand at a pic of maskless tremor. I actually started this before my last 2 uploads-- the stone scales were a pain in the butt. so although i think i could have done better, I'm uploading this now, to say goodbye to it, and move on to other projects. 
princess ponyo by dourdan
princess ponyo
my goal was to make "disney princess" version of ponyo.
for the back ground i wanted to pay tribute to my favorite scene of the mlvie; when she makes her escape (from her father's lab) with the help of her sisters (who either call upon or turn in to giant fish.)

the ocean becomes dark blue and terrifing but it's all fuled by the energy of one little girl's determination (which is evedent when the scene cuts to her running along the top of the insane waves.)

and....what i was going for with the wave animals; dolphin, porpise, salmon, tuna, blowfish, eel and a killer whale at the bottom... coem came out more readble then others.

as always made in ms paint


United States
Unpredictably inspired by tv, movies, comics, and games.

Current Residence: san francisco



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I was wondering if you take requests :o
dourdan Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013
yes, i take requests :) what did you have in mind?
Cathrie-Crash Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I wanted to see my OCs in your style > [link] :heart:
dourdan Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2013
here it is :)

i hope it is ok
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dourdan Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013
ok i will give it a try :)
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