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Thinking out loud by dourdan
Thinking out loud
"beause honey your soul could never grow old,
it's evergreen
And, baby, your smile's forever in my mind and memory
I'm thinking 'bout how people fall in love
in mysterious ways
Maybe it's all part of a plan"

Thinking Out Loud' by Ed Sheeran

a cover image for my red vs blue story.

bacially what happened between when Agent York left the Freelancers and when he died.

(i may have taken liberty with how many years that would be.)…

his love interest, Agent Carolina is more of a ghost here because he died thinking she didn't survive getting shoved off a cliff.

much like the song 'thing out loud' the story is mental ramblings with alot of original characters (because it's seriously fun to image what the other agents named after states would be like.)
explosion by dourdan
"Like a small boat on the ocean
Sending big waves into motion
Like how a single word
Can make a heart open
I might only have one match
But I can make an explosion"

Fight Song by Rachel Platten

i wanted to make a pic of the new tv movie "disney

ok techicnally the title is "descendants"
based on a book, every villain is disney is alive and
living on a 'jail island' (even the one who died, were
brougth  back to live on the island.)

when the son of beauty and the beast is about to become
king he wants his first act to be, to allow 4 villian
teens to attend school in the 'mainland'.

mal, daughter of Maleficent
carlos, son of cruella deville
evie, daughter of snow white's 'evil queen'
and my personal favorite jay, son of Jafar. (which is intresting because he seems to have no magic- only theif and parkour skills; so the son of Jafar is essentially Aladdin.)

long story short- their parents see this as a chance to have their kids steal the magic wand, so the kids have to decide; obey their parents or forge a new future.
strange babies by dourdan
strange babies
I have been playing 'j-stars victory vs+' which featured a mid 20's looking guy carrying a green haired baby. So naturally I wanted to learn more.

the animee/manga 'beelzebub' is the story of baby beel (a cute little newborn demon baby with green hair) who is deployed to the human world by a 'Satan-like character' (he spends his time playing video games and hanging out in bars). 

the baby's guardians are tasked to assign him to a human 'father' and that human is Tatsumi Oga, a 16 yearold (once again all 16 yearolds in animee look like models in their 20's) from a juvenile delinquent school.

Raising a baby (especially one who shocks people when he cries and pees so much it causes an flood) is difficult, but he finds a kindrid spirit in Aoi Kunieda (a 17 yearold gang leader who goes undercover to take her baby brother, kota to the park.)
eventually he realizes who she is, and in the last episode when he has to return baby beel to the demon world, she is by his side. 

the babies are very 'south park'/doll-looking' while the humans are more normal so i tried to do that style.

made in ms paint 
Tagged by :iconmoonthepegasus22:

1. You must post these rules
-answer the 8 questions the person tagged you made and make your own 8 questions for the people you tagged to answer
-Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal
-go to their pages and inform them they've being tagged if you want
-you have to legitimately tag 10 people (me-10? that seems like allot)
-no tag-backs
-can't say "no tags"
-everyone that has being tagged must make a journal entry
-no answering questions with spam or nonsense
-be at least a BIT mature about things
-um.. no nuts, no butts, no coconuts??..

now my questions for you guys! (mwhahaha):

1. Have you ever had a crush on any video game or movie character?

MK's Kano (movie and video game.) my dad once said "If this is the kind of guy you're aiming for you're never allowed to date."

2. Sonic, Mario, Lara croft, Master chief, Altiar (assassins creed), Chell (portal) or Spyro?

spyro? (the only one of the those games I'm halfway good at.)

3. Dragons or phoenixes?

dragon, of course. this is their decade. (how to train your dragon, game of thrones, the hobbit, etc)

4. Horse, donkey or camel? 

horse, i guess. 

5. Scorpion (get over here!) or Ryu (HARDOUKEN!!)?


6. Primal rage, Street fighter, Clay fighter, Mortal Kombat or Killer instinct? (fighting games)

mortal kombat with street fighter in a close 2nd.

7. Oh noes!!! evil pokemon coming to invade yo planet! WHAT'LL WE DO?!?!

if there are people who can wrangle sharks and other wild animals, I'm sure we can find a way to capture/domesticate a few pokemon (think 'How to train your dragon')

8. Favourite element? (Wind, electricity, Ice, Fire, Water, Earth, Spiritual *like telekinesis* or POWER OF LOVE!!)

to draw- fire. to be outside in - wind. 


my questions-
1 marvel or dc?

2 what video game character deserves his or her own movie?

3 favorite youtube show/ online channel (if you have one)?

4 what video game character would you be instant friends with, if they escaped from their game.

5 what is one genre of film you avoid at all costs (horror, romance, gross comedy, etc)?

6 in your opinion/travels- best city in the world?

7 which country/cuisine has the best dessert?

8 do you have/would you ever get a tattoo?

um... i will make tags by randomly selecting from my watcher's list,
 but feel free to not post if you don't want to.

The healing process by dourdan
The healing process…

if you don't want to read it the summery is--
-this is how they can bring back Kabal:

when Quan chi died all the remenents are free to do that ever they want (including Liu Kang trying to take his throne.)

But if Kabal choose to leave and made his way to Sonya......

not as good as my cassie cage story but i think i got my idea across. :)


United States
Unpredictably inspired by tv, movies, comics, and games.

Current Residence: san francisco



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