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Skeleton Warriors redo by dourdan
Skeleton Warriors redo
:icondragonfire53511: challanged me to do a redo of…

i changed up the poses a little
 i made each character in a separate file then put it all together. 
not sure if this is better or worse.

made in ms paint
monster high  jinmenju-nymph by dourdan
monster high jinmenju-nymph
it all started when i said dragonfire53511's jinmenju was a little hard to read/not very detailed.…

so he challanged me to make one- i agreed only if i could make a cute, girly verson.

i showed him my non-background idea

he said it looks like a cross between a jinmenju and a wood nymph, so maybe i should make it monster high related. i here it is. :)

i tried to draw the monster high buliding based on screencaps from the movies- it's kind of a fail but i think the sky came out ok.
A Sunny origin story by dourdan
A Sunny origin story
as i said in my other Sunny pic, i have only seen the first 2 dvds (50 episoides,) and in those 50 i did not see any back story. even the toriko wiki say there is not much backstory to the Four Heavenly Kings/aka the president's disciples; the four little orphans he picked up off the streets and raised to be the greatest hunters the world would ever know.

so i wrote my own story.
(only about sunny- and rin- because sunny is awesome, and rin is his sister.)…

my goal for this pic was to make a ying-yang of "before/after".

his snake is not in the story (since i wanted to end it before the events of episode 1) but quin's presence seemed to add to the composition; she can represent the future. :)
true colors by dourdan
true colors
"You with the sad eyes
Don't be discouraged
Oh I realize
It's hard to take courage
In a world full of people
You can lose sight of it all
And the darkness inside you
Can make you feel so small
But I see your true colors
Shining through"

true colors by
cyndi lauper

Monster high freakyfusions was finally on netflix. i admit I'm not their target audience- most of the monster high movies I cannot watch for more then a few minutes before getting annoyed by their on sided personalities.
but freakyfusions- i had been looking foward to seeing.

I work at target and we have a HUGE selection of monster high dolls. they all look like something you would see on a Paris couture runway (which is why this is my 3rd monster high pic). none more so then the freaky fusion monsters; the moth man/skeleton, the mermaid/ghost the centaur/pixi and the sweet sensitive unicorn/zombie- Neighthan Rot.
They arrive as the new kids, a close knit group that has been transferred through several schools. (transferred? kicked out? no one really knows...)

Neighthan Rot seems to be the most open to making friends with the main characters, while the others just seem angry.
Which they had good reason to be, since the main characters assumed these new kids to be unapproachable because they were different.

then there's the main plot about a malfunctioning time travel machine that turns 6 of the main characters in to 3 'fusions' (so they can gain a little empathy for their bi-monster classmates). 

Frankie Stein to the rescue, as usual the level headed daughter of Frankenstein is the one who gets the rest of the cast to realize how much better they can be if they work together.

this movie was not that bad, and i assume this was meant to help biracial/multiracial children. Much like President Obama and other celebrities, if you are half (one race) and half (another race) the first questions you get are "which parent is which race?" "how did they meet?" "why do you look more like one parents and not the other?" so i hope that the bi racial kids who see this movie can relate on some level.
cross the sea by dourdan
cross the sea
I've been looking in the strangest places,
To find the source of my strength,
And even though the outcome never changes,
Still I search endlessly,
But no more wandering around in circles,
It's time that I cross the sea,
Now I'm trading in my cozy corner
For the bigger mystery

new song by ginny owens

:icondragonfire53511: turned me on to the series Toriko, with "they should incorporate Toriko moves in to the next Monster Hunter game."

to which i said "what is Toriko?" 

and then he let me see his dvds (the first 50 episodes)

it's a show about superheros who power up by eating rare foods. and the rarer foods always come from strange, hard to aquire animals.

This pic is not of Toriko. This is my favorite character Sunny. surrounded by my favorite animals of the series.

He is not the main character of the show, but his unique look and obsession with all things "beautiful" remind me of Vega from Street Fighter.

long story short --
once upon a time there was a food master who figured out that if you ate animals that ate a certain jellyfish you could get super powers.
he had 3 diciples;
-a powerfull nomad with a kind heart, who is now an old man and very helpfull though out the series.
-someone who grew up to be the main villian of the series
-and someone who grew up to be the future president

The president choose 4 diciples, 4 little boys who he adopted and raised as brother and friends. In episode 1 they are all in their mid 20's, and working on their own.

-Zebra- no clue who that is other then he is the one who is in prison. On the wiki it seems like he is not a bad person, and when he is back with the team he is a loyal friend.

-Toriko- the main character of the show. he is seen as a loner, but a legend among hunters. He is befriended by a chef who seeks to learn more about where food comes from- and this relationship teaches both of them how to be better people.

-Coco- a poison master and a fortune teller. he is also a loner, but he claims it's because his skin is poisonous (at any given moment). This seems to mostly be in his head, because he seem to have good control over his powers.

and Sunny- he has hair powers; hair that can grow up to 300 meters, lift things, attack/block, and unlike normal hair-has a sense of touch/taste.

I really like Sunny because although he starts out like Vega (arrogant, vain, etc) he becomes more open to being a good friend and teammate.

Although the team went their separate ways, they still loved and respected each other, because in the near future they would need to gain strength and skill as individuals, then be willing to work as a team in order to succeed.

I feel it's a really inspiring series and hopefully i can find a way to see the other episodes.


United States
Unpredictably inspired by tv, movies, comics, and games.

Current Residence: san francisco



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