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a wild heart- a cassie cage story by dourdan
a wild heart- a cassie cage story
she needs a wild heart, i got a wild heart "- wild heart by the vamps.

based on my story…

if you don't want to read it- long story short; Cassie falls for Kabal (who lives in the sewers with Kira running a underground homleess shelter). but in order to save him she must give herself to Kano.

I was originally going to do just Kano and Cassie but as i finished the story I wanted to find a way to put Kabal and Kira.

so what i was going for was a "fractured memories"/collage kind of effect. (if that )
real by dourdan
I tried to copy screen caps to create a blend of sorts. but the screen caps were a little low rez.

long story short, I am a fan of the tauriel/kili angle.  She worked for Thranduil who always had a negative personality due to the loss of his wife/Legolas's mother. 

To me, she had a "best friend" relationship with Legolas; in a world of high ranking male elves, he at least respected her for her skils.

Then she met Kili. The captured dwarf archer; he had experiences and stories that made him the opposite of anyone she had ever met. He had passion, emotion, courage; which is why she fell for him.

ending with 

Tauriel: If this is love, I do not want it. Take it away, please. Why does it hurt so much?

Thranduil: Because it was real.

Toriko blend by dourdan
Toriko blend
"All I know is that fear has got to go
This time around"

this time around by hanson

I have finally seen all 147 episodes of the anime toriko. It seems like the idea is teamwork and family/love/compassion- in an effort to secure a  next generation of protectors who will not fall to greed or pride. they will fight for the chance to experience victory and glory as a team, because all glory is better when you share. 

Yes in the show it's all about food, the common phase "we will sit at a table together!" or "we will eat the god ingredient together."- but the idea is there- they will have glory ads a team, unlike what happened to the previous heroes.

Of the historical/original team -one who would become evil, one would become a nomad, and one who would become the president; with a dream of his own team.

The president Ichiryu, loved his team as his children, and he raised them in a culture of family and teamwork even when their very different personalities started to emerge. everyone had more to learn, everyone could always be better- and when the time came, they would need to work together or fail.

made in ms paint i tried to incorporate my favorite filler techniques -

sunny vs vega? by dourdan
sunny vs vega?
I had an idea in my head for what if Sunny (of Toriko) met Vega (of Street Fighter).
this is my first time making a multi-panel comic so i was having a little bit of trouble getting the idea in my head to play out in a page. (it's harder then it looks- and yes, i suck at it.) 

I drew each frame/image in a different file then attepted to put it all together like collage.

made in ms paint


United States
Unpredictably inspired by tv, movies, comics, and games.

Current Residence: san francisco



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